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Innovative design, marketing and technology  

Some of the anchor businesses in our community

You raise the bar.

When you raise the bar, you are setting new (and higher) standards.  You are a high achiever not only able to do your best, but you set new (higher) levels of achievement for others to follow.

Brandon L.

You set such a great example for others.

 You are exhibiting leadership qualities which others notice and for which you are commended. Not all people are great leaders so revel in someone taking notice of your values and your ability to motivate, inspire and guide others.

Amanda P.

You walk the talk.

Yes, many people like to “talk the talk” but never “walk it”.  Your “down to earth” attitude between your words/intentions and your actions. You say what you do and you do what you say. You have grit. You don’t pay lip service. You act in alignment with your intentions and your words. You are very dependable  and respectful and you have the ability to create success in your life because you stand behind your words.

Floyd N.

My family and I immigrated from a different country. We did not know where to live because we did not know anyone here. We've met Ms. Behrens at a meeting in Ramsey County. She has great connections and is a great person to provide resources in the community. 

We have been able to buy a house and take business classes and now we have good jobs. Now we are able to help our Maplewood community in many ways. 

Omar Fetezn


The city of Maplewood has never had any representation on the council like Margaret Behrens. The city of Maplewood needs Margaret Behrens on the City Council. She will be a very refreshing change and will get things done. She has a record that proves that she gets things done. She has such a positive outlook and attitude. My family and I are extremely impressed with her commitment to the people that she serves and represents. She would be a great addition to the council. 

Soung  Lounges


Margaret appreciates our parks and open spaces. She recognizes the importance of preserving these areas for future generations.  Her experience as an environmentalist and an advocate is exactly what we need on the council. We haven't had a person like her yet.  

Margaret knows her stuff.

I'm glad that she has the experience needed to work to save our environment and to help with the issues of the contamination that 3M caused. 

Her help will benefit all the surrounding communities involved.

Sadieng Family

Parks & Nature Preserves Explorers

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