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This is the information that you can compare with the state of our city yourself. 

Please remember that I am not sending out propaganda. I am not putting out yard signs. 

I am strictly out in the community meeting friends, neighbors and more supporters every day after work.

I appreciate all of your support and I thank you for your interest in this campaign. This campaign is about you. It's about us. It's about our community. 

I am eager to make our city the vibrant and thriving city that it can be. 

Together we can make a difference.

You decide if the state of our city is reflective of the propaganda you are bombarded with during this election cycle.

Propaganda piece 2 10-16-2018- This piece totally contradicts the state of our city. 

Today's propaganda piece is the same with the addition of several new staged political photos.  The State of our city tells the truth. It tells the story. It shows the steep decline that our community has been suffering for the last 5 years under this administration.  She says that she's accomplished, experienced. Just getting started. This propaganda is contradictory to the state of the city. 

She has had 5 long years and has no results. She's just getting started? What has she done the last 5 years. Nothing shows in our city. 

Roads are horrible. The spending has increased while the services have been cut. Taxes are higher- she has censored the citizens ad shut them out of their government. She has refused interaction with citizens at city council meetings. Crime is escalating and our city has even been featured on nations Justice programs for increased serious crimes. This council has said that we have too many parks. They also plan on using parks as development tools for the Bus Rapid Transit along the Bruce Vento Trail. The people have spoken. They have said they do not want a Bus Rapid Transit route on the Vento Trail. It's dangerous and unnecessary. Other cities want it on Hwy 61. That would be more cost effective and a more efficient route that would enhance ridership. There are not ridership opportunities in our residential neighborhoods.  This is another example of this council shutting the taxpayers/residents out of city hall and out of the development of our city.  This council wants things the way they want them. The taxpayers and residents appear to be a second thought if any to them. 

We are the city. Throughout my years of public service. I have always made the people my priority. 

This council has not expanded emergency services. They have made devastating cuts to our fire protection by firing our part time firefighters and closing and selling our fire stations.  The corporate rewards and praises  to 3M by this council are shameful. 3M has contaminated our environment. Our water and our surrounding neighbors. People are suffering and this council rewards 3M. The expectations are lower and still nothing. 

Our business district is in steep decline.  She is only focusing on St. John's Hospital, Gladstone and the Maplewood Mall. Our city is large. The demographics are very spread out an unique. We need balance in our entire city. Not just doing favors for a few businesses and trying to change the character of our beloved Gladstone. Trying to turn our city into something that it's not is wrong. It is detrimental to us all as a community. We are not rich and elite. We are Maplewood. I actually live in Maplewood. Her residency has always been in question by many neighbors to the property that she bought into a trust. I have 55 years invested here.  There is no question to my residency. This is very important since the law says that you must be a resident of the location of the office where you are elected.

Businesses are leaving and not coming to our city until there is real leadership on our city council. Political agendas and endorsements are not helping the state of our city. The decline continues.

We cannot afford another term with this city council and current mayor. 

Please join me in electing two brand new city council members and me as our new mayor. We will work for you and your family. 

Together we can make a difference.

Check the facts. Why should the public trust?

**It's important to note that the current Mayor is attempting to take credit for growth at the St. John's Hospital Campus. 

That is untrue. As an Healtheast employee at St. John's Hospital our department was excited to be part of the planning process for the new building on Hazelwood across from our main hospital. 

That was back in 2004. Long before the current Mayor was in office and there was no involvement of the legislature so she can't claim that either.

Corporate Favors at Taxpayers Expense.

Part 2- Improving roads and transit access and options, including the Gold Line BRT 3M Station.

Wow- So much to say on this too. Please don't take my word for this. Look at our roads and look at our taxes. Look at the history of the corporate welfare that this council has given to 3M on behalf of us the taxpayers. Look at the rewards this council is giving to 3M the corporate polluters that the State has sued for the largest settlement in Minnesota history. 3M- the very same company that council member Junenemann praises for the care of our environment. The very environment that they contaminated so bad the water isn't drinkable in many cities. The 13 TIFF districts that we the taxpayers will be supporting for 25 years each for the multi billion dollar fortune 500 company. Look at the lovely new fire station on the 3M campus that we the taxpayers are paying for. While this council fires all of our part time firefighters and closes and sells our fire stations. One to the current Mayors friend for his landscaping business.

The Vento Trail and BRT- The Vento trail was never intended for BRT. It was posted for possible use for Light Rail. This is important as this council is changing the uses and purpose without any consideration for the taxpayers and future use and development and preservation.The Bruce Vento Regional Trail. It begins near downtown St. Paul, and ends just north of I-694. As the sign points out, it’s constructed on right-of-way owned by the Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority, preserved for possible future use as a light-rail alignment. In the meantime, however, it’s used for bicycles.

***NOTE- This project was planned and designed for a Light Rail Line from Downtown St. Paul to White Bear Lake. The signs along the trail also state that. There was never mention of a designated Bus Rapid Transit Line (BRT). The BRT is a simple bus lane. That can be easily added to either White Bear Avenue or TH Hwy 61. There is no reason to interfere with the Vento Trail. A trail that was never designated for BRT. Another money grab at taxpayer and community expense. No Vision. No transparency. No public input or consideration.

Part 3- 8-25-18 Propaganda piece cont'd.

Part 3- Strengthening public safety through strategic policing and expanded fire and emergency medical services.

Another bad decision by the current mayor and council. They keep raising our taxes and keep cutting our essential services. Our city is large and it requires better fire and police coverage. They have destroyed our fire department. They won't spend money on more fire or police protection. This was another attempt at a money grab at taxpayer expense.

According to the Star Tribune-Maplewood will pay its departing part-time firefighters an extra $1,000 for every year they worked to settle a lawsuit over who would get a pension surplus of about $1.5 million.

The settlement agreement, recently approved by both the city and the firefighters, ends a fight that began when the City Council decided in January to switch from a staff of part-timers to a full-time fire department.

The staff change meant that 16 part-time firefighters who wouldn’t be offered one of nine full-time jobs would be let go and the council would try to terminate the pension fund, the Maplewood Fire Relief Association.

As of December, that fund had grown to about $4.9 million and firefighters were owed $3.4 million in benefits. That left about $1.5 million in surplus. Under state law, the money not used by a pension when it is terminated can be returned to a municipality’s general fund.

But shortly after the council announced its decision to create a full-time department, the firefighters on the pension board met to change the retirement plan from a defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan.

That meant that, instead of using the pension fund to pay out to each firefighter the fixed amount that had been set for years — $10,000 per year of service — the pension fund would be opened up and firefighters would be entitled to split up to 90 percent of it.

Had the change gone through, the 16 part-time firefighters who were losing their jobs would have been paid an average of just more than $50,000 on top of the $10,000 per year they were owed, according to the city’s complaint. Another 18 firefighters who had already retired or left the city would have received an average of about $20,000 along with their $10,000 per year of service.

The City Council sued the Fire Relief Association in February, saying it didn’t have the authority to change from a defined benefit plan and had held secret meetings to do so without proper notice.

The relief association disputed that the meetings were held in secret and said that state law gave them the power to change its bylaws. In a counterclaim, the relief association argued that the city’s lawsuit was “a naked attempt to steal retirement benefits.”

Then state lawmakers stepped in. They approved special legislation this spring that barred the Fire Relief Association from dividing up the pension surplus. It instead ordered the association either to give the surplus to the city, or pay back whatever contributions the city had made to it on the firefighters’ behalf since it was created in 1997 — a figure also roughly $1.5 million.

The law also required both the relief association and the city to reach a settlement over a lump sum payout to the 16 firefighters losing their jobs.

The two sides agreed that the firefighters — whose years of service ranged from eight to 28 years — each would get a lump sum of $11,000 per year of service, up from $10,000. They also agreed that all firefighters would be fully vested.

Jeff Morgan, vice president of the Fire Relief Association, said the part-time Maplewood firefighters took the job despite relatively low pay because they knew the trade off was going to be the pension.

“It’s like a messy divorce,” Morgan said. “It was new territory for everyone because it’s not a normal thing to dissolve a volunteer department and a Fire Relief Association.” The firefighters wanted the relief association to continue under the new department, he said.

City Manager Melinda Coleman couldn’t say how much of the $1.5 million surplus will be left after the payouts. Attorney’s fees for both sides will be paid from that pool of money.

“We’re glad that the legislation happened and we’re moving forward,” Coleman said.

Morgan estimated that the total attorney’s fees could reach as high as $500,000.

“We’re not happy we left money on the table, but it was getting to the point where it was all going to legal fees,” he said. “We felt betrayed by the city that they were trying to monetize this by taking our pension, and we couldn’t let it just happen.”

My family and I have been victims off this council drastic cuts to public safety. There is no expansion of fire and emergency medical services. It's exactly the opposite. The cuts to our essential emergency services have been devastating. On 9-1-2017 my husband, youngest daughter and I were hit by a woman driving approximately 60 mph through a red light at Beam & Hazelwood. It took North St. Paul about 15 minutes to respond. This intersection is one block north of the Hazelwood fire station on Hazelwood and County Road C. Our own fire department and emergency personal didn't respond. The ambulance came from Stillwater, Minnesota from Lakeview Hospital. This is shameful. We had serious injuries and were told to walk to the hospital because the driver that hit us was injured as well and required transport. So this claim on the current Mayors propaganda is false. Our fire department is so minimal because this council fired all of our part time firefighters that when Noodles and Company burned. Several other outside agencies were called in to respond. These cuts put our community at risk.

The crime in our city has increased greatly. Human trafficking is a major issue in and around the Maplewood Mall. It has been featured on the news and on  City Confidential Crime programs. The business district is suffering and it is as a result of increased and high crime. 

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Some helpful questions that you could ask.

Talk about the record and the accomplishments that you have made on your own. What have you done yourself?

Don't try to snow us.

The state of our city doesn't lie. The steep decline of our economy and our business district tells the story.

The extremely high taxes and increased charges installed by this council are taking their toll on our community businesses and taxpayers alike. 

We deserve better.

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