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City of Maplewood Environmental & Natural Resources Commission

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City of


Parks Priority Task Force 

An Appointment by the Maplewood City Council to the first Environmental and Natural Resources Commission.

The Environmental and Natural Resources Commission will help protect, preserve and enhance the environment of the City of Maplewood by:

Establishing environmental priorities for the city

Recommending to the Community Design Review Board, Planning Commission and City Council new policies, operating procedures and ordinances that control, protect, preserve and enhance the city’s environmental assets

Actively participating in and supporting the mission and goals of the Maplewood Nature Center and Neighborhood Preserves by promoting environmental awareness through educational programs, communications and co-sponsored activities

Promoting greater use and appreciation of the city’s environmental assets

Reviewing the role of other city groups and how they might assist, support and advise the Environmental and Natural Resources Commission

Sponsoring environmental projects to enhance, repair, replace or restore neglected or deteriorating environmental assets of the city

Developing educational programs and materials that foster the mission of the Environmental and Natural Resources Commission

Developing and promote the use of sustainable practices for city policies and procedures

Minnesota State Office of the Ramsey Conservation District 

Three term elected official in this state office.

Goals and Objectives

 Establish soil and water conservation policy

for the district

 Assess resource needs

 Develop strategies to address these needs

 Provide quality conservation education to

county school children

 Provide land users with technical assistance

 Develop programs to address local natural

resource problems

 Serve as focal point for addressing natural

resource issues and coordinating various

programs to help identified concerns

4. Legal Authority

 Minnesota Statutes Chapter 103C defines a

soil and water conservation district as a

political subdivision of the State of Minnesota

My Committee Assignments since 2008 are as follows:

Ramsey County League of Local Governments -I served two terms as President and two terms as Vice- President and all of my three elected terms as a Board Member.

Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization- VLAWMO

Comprehensive Planning




Outreach & Education

I also served on the following committees at various times as needed.

Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District- Liaison to the board and the CAC-


Creative and Innovative Fiscal Effectiveness and Responsibility

In my first term in the State office of the Ramsey Conservation District. My creative planning and innovative reorganization strategy was extremely effective. My work resulted in the organization getting out of the "red" and into the "black" for the first time in their 30 years of existence. It remains there to this day and is thriving and 2017 was our busiest year on record. I work to create revenue generating programs and projects that are self sustaining while saving money for those that I serve. I have a history of fiscal responsibility and transparency while making the state statute the guide that I always go by. 

Ramsey County League of Local Governments

 Two term President for the The Ramsey County League of Local Governments. 

Created in 1963, empowered

by Minnesota State Laws 1963, Chapter 728 for the purpose of “perpetuating and developing the League as an agency of cooperation for Ramsey County cities.”

Initially, membership included 17 cities, villages and towns. In March of 1975, the

Ramsey County League of Municipalities became the Ramsey County League of

Local Governments and a new charter was approved which opened its membership doors to school districts and the county.

Today, RCLLG members include: 16 cities, one township, Ramsey County, the

Ramsey Soil & Water Conservation District, and five school districts. For much of the RCLLG’s existence, the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) provided staff support. In January 1996, the Association of Metropolitan Municipalities (AMM) assumed this role, and in January 2001, Government Training Services (now called GTS Educational Events) became RCLLG’s staff support.

Throughout the year, the RCLLG conducts meetings focusing on issues critical

to Ramsey County. 

“Our mission is to foster cooperation among Ramsey County

units of government, thereby increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of public service delivery.”

The primary roles of the RCLLG are:

1. To improve communication among all Ramsey County units of government.

2. To foster and enhance cooperation among units of local government.

3. To encourage cooperation of planning and physical development

activities in Ramsey County.

4. To promote the common interests of our members through research into local government problems.

5. To provide educational opportunities to our members.

6. To work closely with the Association of Metropolitan Municipalities (Metro

Cities), the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC), GTS Educational Events and

other organizations and associations in the interests of the members.rved on the Ramsey County League ​of Local Governments as their elected two term President,  (The maximum term allowed). 

I  served as the elected Vice President for two terms. and as  an elected Board Member for 12 years. Through my creative and innovative leadership I was able to successfully create new programs that resulted in critical educational opportunities and substantial revenue surpluses.

For example: Racial unity and equity program

Racial equity for women/girls of color

The effect on our Somali population, perceptions

Increase in Crime / Shootings -- Panel of Police Chiefs

Business sponsorship program

Celebrating Women in Leadership

2013 National Citizen Review Panel Conference

Citizens Advisory Council

White Bear Lake Level Resolution Committee

Our committee charge is to investigate possible solutions to the low lake level in WBL; consider technical feasibility of possible solutions and different methods of financing any solutions examined.​ I was appointed by request of then State Representative Carol McFarland. 

I am serving in my second term. This work is a great assets as we move forward working on resolutions to the issues of the depleting aquifer and the 3M contamination.

VLAWMO The Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization

VLAWMO was formed in 1983 to protect the Vadnais Lake watershed area in northern Ramsey County and a small portion of Anoka County, Minnesota. VLAWMO covers approximately 25 square miles in the northeast metropolitan area. The watershed is a Joint Powers organization that encompasses the City of North Oaks, and portions of the Cities of White Bear Lake, Gem Lake, Vadnais Heights, Lino Lakes, and White Bear Township.

Campaign Contributions

Margaret Behrens for Maplewood Mayor

1393 Kohlman Avenue East

Maplewood, MN 55109

Ramsey- Washington Metro Watershed District

Liaison to the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District Board and Member of the Citizens Advisory Committee.

Legislative Committee

Legislative committees are established to undertake the consideration of legislation. A legislative committee may be created to study a particular bill referred to it, or one may be appointed to prepare and bring in a bill.​ I diligently work at the state and federal levels to pursue policies and funding initiatives that will have a positive impact on a variety of issues facing our state.

Personnel Committee

The Committee periodically reviews the personnel policies and practices, including, but not limited to, employee morale, diversity, development, succession planning, resourcing, recruiting (in particular as to gender, skills, nationalities and equal opportunity) and employee engagement.

Budget Committee

The functions of budget committee are briefly explained below:

1. The general policies and objectives of an organization are decided.

2. It extends assistance to line managers for forecasting by supplying historical data.

3. It receives and reviews the individual budget estimates and different departments/divisions.

4. It receives instructions from the chief executive and gives instructions to line managers.

5. It gives suggestions and modifications in budgets in accordance with organizational objectives.

6. It approves the revised budgets.

7. It receives and investigates accomplishments regarding practical implementation of budgets.

8. It identifies responsibilities for poor performance and recommend corrective actions if necessary.

9. It gives suggestions to improve efficiency and achieve budgetary goals.

10. It co-ordinates the budgetary control program.

Policy Committee

I have been actively involved in policy development through district and policy committee meetings;

Understanding  the issues facing local, county and state government and have a forum for thorough discussion;

Having access to well-informed, professional staff which carefully follow the policy direction set by the membership; and

Participating in the efforts necessary to fulfill the policy goals.

Community Representative Businesses to Residents

I was a community representatives liaison between business and community for a large corporation in our city. I've worked to bring a businesses and community together. Some of the businesses that I sought out have came to Maplewood.  I am planning to work on the revitalization of the Maplewood Mall area to fill all of the empty store fronts. 

This position is very helpful as our community demographics are changing. Our community members are in need of services that in some cases requires them to go outside our community for access to their much needed services. We need to work on getting the agencies necessary to meet the growing needs of our community within our growing  and changing community. 

Staff Educator/ Safety Committee Chair

Working as a manger in a large national corporation. I specialized in Customer Service and Employee Engagement.

I worked with employees and educated them on safety topics and employee engagement.  I counseled employees on goals and employee advancement opportunities. My employee programs are formed with the concept that my employees are my internal customers. I work for them. I represent them. I work to help them to succeed and to meet the goals that they have for their employment and for their families.

Ramsey County Children's Services Citizen Review Panel Chair 

Ramsey County Board Appointment

I was appointed to this Ramsey County Commission by the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners. I served two terms and served as Chair of the Commission for my last term before I was appointed to the Low Income Committee for the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners. 

In 1996, Congress amended the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act

(CAPTA). This required each state to establish at least three citizen review

panels in order to receive Child Abuse and Neglect State Grants Program

funding. In Minnesota, panels have been established in Chisago, Ramsey,

Washington and Winona counties. The Minnesota Department of Human

Services (DHS) plans to expand citizen review panels throughout the state.

Working together for children’s well-being. Citizen review panels provide opportunities for community members to play an integral role in ensuring the child protection system is protecting children from abuse and neglect and helping find permanent homes for them. While the panels are required to review the state’s CAPTA plan, they also evaluate different aspects of the child protection system in their own communities. Made up of 11 to 16 citizens each, these panels represent a partnership among:

 Citizens

 Community agencies

 County child protection systems

 The Minnesota Department of Human Services

Serving multiple purposes

To ensure the state’s child protection system is working well, citizen review


 Consults with their county’s child protection agency on other important

child protection standards in their county

 Prepares and make available to the public an annual report summarizing

the panel’s activities

 Reviews the consistency of the child protection system’s practice and

policy compliance

 Offers insight that those working within the system may miss and provide

feedback on what is or isn’t working

 Analyzes trends and recommends policy changes

 Provides outside validation of the child protection system’s successes and

staff efforts

 Increases community understanding of and investment in the child

protection system

 Provides input on the use of community resources

The safety,

permanency and

well-being of all

children will be

achieved when

everyday citizens

invest themselves in

community services

and child protection.

 Promotes cooperation among community resources and county child

protection services

 Advocates for needed resources to protect children from abuse and

neglect, and find them permanent homes quickly

 Evaluate how well the Minnesota Department of Humans Services

complies with its five-year CAPTA plan.

Serving on citizen review panels

Panel members listen well, work as part of a team, are sensitive to diversity, maintain confidentiality, participate in training and serve two year

terms. These community volunteers, appointed by the DHS commissioner and county commissioners, participate in training in:

 Child abuse and neglect issues

 Permanency laws, including family reunification, case plans, and

reasonable efforts toward family reunification

 Alternatives to family reunification, including long-term foster care,

transfer of legal custody, termination of parental rights and adoption

 Child development and attachment issues

 Cultural considerations, including the Indian Child Welfare Act and

heritage preservation

 Dynamics of domestic violence

 Legal and court processes

 Cultural diversity

 Chemical and mental health

 Education and community resources

Working to strengthen the child protection system

Minnesota State Office of the Ramsey Conservation District Outreach & Education Chair

I shared my experience on this committee from my district committee assignment of Chair of Outreach and Education. The education materials, articles and presentations include information which teachers and their students can use to become more familiar with their natural environment and learn what they can do to become better stewards of our land and water.

The materials also include information about conservation programs and opportunities for family and community engagement and participation. My work was so popular that it required a waiting list that was a 2 year wait.

My leadership and years of experience on outreach and education programs and policy are outstanding and extremely successful.

Citizens Advisory Committee  (CAC) 


Ramsey County 

Ramsey County Low Income Committee 

Ramsey County Board Appointment

Represents individuals and families who need help meeting their basic needs for food, shelter, clothing, and medical care because their income falls below federal poverty guidelines.

We need affordable housing for everyone. We are one community.

I worked to provide policy suggestions for racial equity and non discrimination policy for housing.

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Suburban Ramsey County Chapter.

As a wife of a Vietnam veteran. I have seen so many issues that that era's service personnel are dealing with. As my uncles fought in earlier wars. I see the issues that they are facing as they age and require more services. We must work to connect our veterans with the services that they deserve. They must be able to utilize those services by means that are not Inconvenient but that are easily to access and that are readily available  in our community. I am very proud to serve on this committee. I have served on this committee for the entire three terms I've been elected.