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Lets work together

Great opportunities are imagined and realized when we work together.

We all do better. 

When we all do better.

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1393 Kohlman Avenue East

Maplewood, MN 55109




Our team is not putting out campaign signs and we are not going to send out mass mailings. 

There is nothing personal about that. Anyone can pay to do that. That is not the fiscally responsible thing to do. 

I work to save people money not spend money on non essentials. 

I am working to earn your vote. Not to socialite it. 

I want you to know who I am and who you are voting for.

I want to meet you and have a discussion with you about what you would like me to do as your city council member, your Mayor.

Prepared & Paid for By Margaret Behrens for Maplewood Mayor @All Rights Reserved