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Leadership and experience that transforms lives.

To know where my strength and leadership and compassion comes from,  You must first understand where I have been and the community connections and partnerships and the positive record  that I have made through of years of public service.

A Little Bit About Me.

My name is Margaret Behrens and I am a lifelong resident of the City of Maplewood. 

I have been married to my husband James for 36 years. James an I grew up as neighbors. James is a retired 3M employee.

James and I built our home on the property that his family owned as we were growing up. 

My parents still live at the house where I grew up one block away. 

 James and I have raised our  four children here and we are  fortunate to have two of our three grandchildren living one block away from us.

My husband and I and our children  and our grandchildren have all gone through the public school system here in 622. 

Both James and I are livelong members of the Lakeview Lutheran Church.  

As part of my faith journey I have become an Ordained Minister I believe that my commitment to public service is also part of my calling. 

I am a program counselor at Lifeworks Inc. I serve people with disabilities and special needs. I am very proud of this work since I too have a disability. 

I have a great perspective from both sides of my employment and my personal experience.

My disability is a combination of Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congentia, Neuofamilial Myotonic Dystrophy and Factor V Leiden.

Growing up my family had an emergency shelter and respite care home for at the children of Minnesota and specifically Ramsey County. 

 We cared for children who were victims of abuse and neglect and who were victims of extremely violent crimes. 

 We also did a respite care for children and their family is with special needs and the medically involved. We cared for terminally ill children.

My father served on the city of Maplewood's Planning Commission for many years. As my parents decided to winter in Arizona my Dad completed his final term of service and was asked by then Mayor Anderson to reconsider serving. My Dad respectful declined stating it wasn't fair to be a part time volunteer commissioner.  The city needs someone full time to do the job wholeheartedly. 

My family's commitment to serve is a source of extreme pride for me. 

I am proud to be a public servant and I look forward to serving as our Mayor.

I take my Oath of office very seriously. As I was sworn in to my third term at the Minnesota State Office of the Ramsey Conservation District. I was very excited to be an experienced Supervisor and a very dedicated elected official with a well established record of excellent public service. 

As my experience was strengthened and my public service expanded. 

So did my work scope. I was asked to serve on other committees and boards and was in turn elected to serve in top leadership roles.   In those roles I fulfilled the maximum terms to the limit by overwhelming elections of the membership body's.

Leadership Comes with Experience

I am the immediate past president of the Ramsey County League of Local Governments. I served as president for two full terms. I served as Vice President for two full terms. I was a board member for 10 years.  I was the Vice Chair of the Minnesota State Office of The Ramsey Conservation District. I was the Chair of  Education & Outreach. 

Networks and Partnerships are Important

Throughout my many years of public service. I have built a very strong network of partners and colleagues. We all work together on a variety of issues and we collaborate whenever we are able. My experience and work on issues of the water and environment will be a great asset when we face the contamination of 3M.  Surrounding officials of government and natural resource agencies will be very helpful as we plan for the future recovery  of our communities.

Possibilities are endless. Limits are what you put on yourself. 

We are only limited by our own constraints.  We as neighbors. Citizens, Taxpayers and of human beings are capable of more than we realize.

The opportunities are endless when we work together.

We can do great things. We can sue our creative process and innovations to make things happen. I've done it before.

We all do better. When we all do better.


We each have different stories about how we got into public service, and I’m sure there’s a variety of motivations about why we are here now.

We have a real opportunity and we are in a position where real change can happen.

I have been in government long enough to know that as public servants and as leaders our effectiveness can determine whether our government succeeds and whether it meets its obligation to the public.

While those elected help determine which direction we go in, it’s up to the leaders to get us there. As leaders in the public service, we set the tone for thousands of citizens who look to us for guidance and inspiration. The elected leadership is the key to whether our government does a good job for our people, and that is a great responsibility.

Public service has never faced a test as it does today. People are watching our government, and with this challenge comes an opportunity. People are calling for quality government. They want to be reminded of that ours is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, a government that works for us.

We want leaders like who stand up and make our government stand out in a positive manner.

Now is when real leadership matters. Now is when new vision and creativity and innovation can make real change and make life so much better for everyone who calls Maplewood home for their family or for their business. 

Business Growth

Economic Growth. Small businesses contribute to local economies by bringing growth and innovation to the community in which the business is established. Small businesses also help stimulate economic growth by providing employment opportunities to people who may not be employable by larger corporations. We should be inviting businesses to Maplewood to help to give everyone who is able to work the opportunity to work and to be self sustaining.


Our work on the environmental protections that our city needs is lacking. We can always do better. We need to invest more efforts into clean water and into the preservation of our local aquatic treasures such as Kohlman Lake.

I sponsored support on behalf of my elected office  of the Minnesota State office of the Ramsey Conservation District for the Fish Creek and Mississippi Critical Area. 

I am also committed to work on the issues facing our city and our neighboring cities from the toxic contamination to our water and our environment by 3M Company.

Margaret has worked with our neighbors to help to unite us  and helped to solve some problems that were really only miscommunications. It was very easy for her to solve the problems that we had for a long time. Margaret is a very good person of the people.

Benny Fitz

Director of High Fives, Apple

Margaret has been a  great advocate for helping people get to appropriate care and to important resources to help with their maintenance and quality of life.

Margaret also knows how important healthcare is in our community. 

Margaret works to ensure that our community has the supportive resources needed for everyone.

Dr. Raid

Physicians Group

Mrs. Behrens has been a great resource for our family. She has helped us get to the correct agency to help us with much need services.  Mrs. Behrens treated us all with great honor and respect. 

Mr. & Mrs. Haungu



1393 Kohlman Avenue East

Maplewood, Minnesota 55109




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