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The Margaret Behrens for Maplewood Mayor Campaign Team

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Thank you for volunteering and for your commitment to improving our city.

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Let's Work Together to Realize Our Optimized Potential

My unmatched leadership and experience will enhance and accelerate our vision.  This campaign is about us, our Maplewood Community.

 My leadership and deep roots in our community of 55 years  and along with my record of success as a three term elected public servant to a Minnesota state office . I'm very qualified and prepared to serve as our new mayor. As a two term President of the Ramsey County League of Local Governments my experience and success is proven. This along with my many years of leadership experience is  a powerful foundation. 

We will have exactly what we need to make positive things happen and to make them benefit us all.

Through my leadership.  Our new city council members will prove to be very effective and successful  while working together to meet the goals and expectations of our citizens. 

Working together to make positive changes for the future of our city will be great for us all. 

Our community deserves so much better.

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My leadership and experience have had proven success.

My record of public service work has proven to be results driven and results given. I have a vision for a transparent and responsible Government that is fully accountable and responsive to us, the taxpayers. It is critical that our government is inclusive and invites and welcomes everyone to discuss and to decide our future. I am very diligent in providing quality services and protecting our personal and our property rights in the most efficient and effective manner, and in prioritizing to grow a strong and vibrant community. 

 I have always worked to provide an equitable and reliable foundation for our children, families, and individuals, and our seniors and the most vulnerable who may be at risk. I work to help all citizens achieve prosperity, honoring and celebrating the history and cultures of our community as my lifetime of experience is working with all cultures and all demographics. 

 I am eager to continue my work ensuring equality, security and contentment for us all as a united community and a united humanity. I am always working to eliminate all of the racial and ethnic disparities across our systems -- including in employment, education, housing, justice and health and human services. 

 My network of partners and I have worked together effectively to build a healthy and sustainable environment; connecting families, young adults, and businesses to opportunities that we all need to help us all succeed. 

I am very blessed to have such great and dedicated connections. 

Non partisan partnerships matter at all levels of government.

Here is a letter I received from Senator Chuck Wiger when I was reelected to my third - 4 year term at the Minnesota State Office of the Ramsey Conservation District in 2016.

I appreciate his kind words and his mention about my exemplary leadership and service and my dedication.

That my work is invaluable in preserving our great communities in Ramsey County.

* Please note that I have no political affiliations and I am still respected by people regardless of theirs.

These partnerships are critical as we move forward to recover our city from the steep decline it's in.

Team Strategy

For the success of any goal. Teamwork is critically important. 

I have worked on and with  numerous boards, panels and committees and various groups and had great success.  As a business manager and training specialist. I keep Team Building and Team work as priorities.​

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Creative and Critical Thinking and a Record of Positive Results

I will and I have always worked to create policy ​that would benefit and enhance our city and those that I serve while protecting the personal and property rights of our taxpayers.  My skills and experience of using Logic which is the science of how to evaluate arguments and reasoning.  The study and use of Critical thinking is a process of evaluation which uses logic to separate truth from falsehood, reasonable from unreasonable beliefs.  I studied these as a student at the University of Minnesota. 

This education is very help but my pride is that

my public service is always successful because I also use common sense and I always make the people my priority.

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My Passion, Commitment and Creativity and my Spirit 

are key in making great things happen

I am committed to being the representation that you deserve on our city council. I will not only work to meet you expectations. 

I will work to exceed your expectations.

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Margaret Behrens helped us reach new customers without re-inventing the wheel. Margaret's professionalism and respectful and honest leadership and inspiration is beyond compare. I am so glad that she invited and encouraged us to bring our business to Maplewood. 

Our business is doing great. 

Chancy Q.

Online Co.

Margaret led a re-brand of our business design and  management assessment. That is why we came to Maplewood, Minnesota. Margaret is going to be a results getting Mayor.

We can't wait to see how she works to improve this city. 

Get ready for great things.

Joshua J.

Brick & Mortar Retail Co.

Our first step was getting our neighbors together  to create our vision for our area united together. Margaret Behrens help was invaluable. A unified neighborhood benefits us all. 

We watch out for each other.

That is exactly what we need in our Mayor. 

Marcella M.

Truly Services LLC

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for your support in my mission to become the next Mayor of our city. 

The 55 years that I have been here. I have seen our city at it's best and now at its worst.

It's time we make a change. It's time we elect a new city council to save our city.

Together we can make a difference.

Looking to talk about your vision for our city?   Contact me.  

I'd love you discuss it with you.

Please also check out the Blog portion of this site. There is additional discussion points there.  Thank you for being engaged and inspired to make a positive change. 

I appreciate your support.

Please check out my campaign Face Book page also for more information at:

Margaret Behrens for Maplewood Mayor

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